2022 year in review

Casi takes a moment to look in the rear-view mirror and shares five highlights of 2022.
January 4, 2023
Jordan Symonds

At Casi, we move fast and always have our eyes on the horizon. But, we were inspired to take a moment to review our 2022, and once we began reflecting, we remembered how pivotal the year 2022 was for our team and partners. Check out some of our highlights below.

1. We brought Casi into the world!

We started in 2022 as imove and ended as Casi. Being a tech provider and operating a car subscription service are two very different business models. To allow both areas to scale and succeed, we created two separate brands and businesses. We took the insight of running imove with us into Casi, and through leading technology and know-how, we've continued to enable scalable car subscription services that people love.

Casi is your car subscription partner.
A reminder that Casi is your car subscription partner ;)

2. We launched three car subscription marketplaces!

Together with AutoScout24, we launched a car subscription marketplace in the Netherlands and Germany, two of the strongest car subscription growth potential markets in Europe. We also launched Honk, the car subscription marketplace in Norway, together with Schibsted. In 2023, Honk will scale across Scandinavia, starting with Sweden. Car subscription marketplaces not only provide an efficient, digital customer experience for consumers, but they enable all fleet owners to quickly offer car subscription and implement a new digital distribution channel through marketplace connectivity. Whether you’re a small-medium dealership or a large OEM, marketplaces enable an additional revenue stream for fleet owners.

Together with Schibsted in Scandinavia and AutoScout24 in Europe, we launched three car subscription marketplaces in 2022.
Together with Schibsted in Scandinavia and AutoScout24 in Europe, we launched three car subscription marketplaces in 2022.

3. Launched new car subscription services with leading OEMs!

From CUPRA in Norway to Stellantis in the Netherlands, the Casi crew has launched and scaled over forty car subscription services that consumers love. We’re honored to deliver our white-label technology, marketplace connectivity, and expertise to innovative OEMs, rental companies, dealerships, financial partners, and other eco-system players to enable these new services to scale. Our customer success team works every day to ensure the success and increased profitability of our customer's services.

Stellantis and Cupra launched car subscription services in 2022.
In 2022, we launched Drivenjoy in the Netherlands and Cupra FRII in Norway.

4. A long list of product updates!

2022 was a busy year for our product teams. In addition to building and launching the above-mentioned white-labeled and marketplace services, our product teams introduced several new features and functionalities on the Casi platform. We launched two major business analytics reports to give actionable insights on finance and fleet. We launched the Casi API that enables providers to integrate with marketplaces directly, we developed and integrated a multitude of new fleet manager functions that automate operations, and we developed several new consumer onboarding configurations that customers love.

5. Launched Marketing as a Service!

A business service offering introduced to scale our customer’s services through highly-targeted and automated digital marketing. The service is called Auto Pilot powered by Casi and was born because we know customers may struggle with scaling car subscription. Our service delivers increased relevance through improved targeting and a short time to market. Casi’s marketing as a service enables higher conversion rates with greater efficiency and enhanced customer experience, helping to promote car subscription as a desierable way to access a vehicle.

Scaling car subscription requires target and cost efficient digital marketing.
Scaling car subscription requires target and cost efficient digital marketing. Auto Pilot powered by Casi delivers.

Reviewing 2022 was not only enjoyable for our team but gave us a boost of motivation to continue our momentum into the new year. We may be pedal to the metal, but we’re glad we took a moment to look in the review mirror.

Car subscription is continuing to gain momentum, and industry leaders are getting their hands dirty with this business model now to position themselves as leaders for the future. Gain insight into car subscription by submitting your information below, and the Casi crew will contact you to schedule a meeting!

Jordan Symonds
Jordan Symonds
Head of Communication
Jordan works to build the Casi community by telling stories about our customers, employees, experiences, and insights we’ve gained over the years in automotive!