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Flexible Leasing
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Same platform, different flexible fleet services

Whether you call it subscription, flexible leasing, mid-term rental or something else, you can launch a fleet or connect your existing fleet to the Casi platform!
Flexible fleet services.
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Flexible Fleet software

No matter where in the world you operate, our software empowers you to offer flexible ownership models to consumers, businesses, or employees. You decide!

Our software includes:

White-label e-commerce platform
Fleet, task, and subscription management tools
Analytics & Reporting
Payment & Billing

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White-label e-commerce platform

Casi will build your webshop to drive sales, enable direct distribution, and offer a smooth customer experience! We customize your webshop and product offerings to meet your business needs and ensure your customers can access the best way to have a vehicle!

Fleet, task, and subscription management tools

Easy-to-use management tools that make day-to-day task management and customer service a smooth operation. With Casi, service managers can digitize and automate their tasks, cutting operational costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Payment & billing management

Automate the payment process, reduce manual work, minimize payment-related errors, and provide a seamless experience for subscribers while maintaining security and compliance with financial regulations.

Analytics & Reporting

Make data-driven decisions based on insight into customer behavior, bookings, and fleet performance. Our tools enable you to increase utilization and chargeability to maximize profitability ultimately.

CASI Customers

We’ve proven to be a best friend to automotive leaders because we understand your challenges and how to overcome them. Who are you? We can help!


Casi delivers a comprehensive, flexible fleet platform tailored for leading OEMs worldwide. Introduce innovative revenue streams and offer an unparalleled customer-centric approach to car ownership.

Leasing & Captives

Leverage the full potential of your fleet through our flexible platform. Automate operations and elevate customer satisfaction with our all-in-one, data-driven solutions.

Dealerships & Importers 

Future-proof your dealership by utilizing our platform to introduce digital sales and offer a flexible, customer-centric service.  Drive sales growth, loyalty, and recurring revenue!

Rental Players

Outsource tech development, attract new customers, and boost profitability, even during low seasons, with recurring revenue and bundled services.

Take Their word for it!

Liran Golan

Liran Golan

Head of Future Mobility at Hyundai Motor Europe.
“Following Mocean Subscription service’s success in Spain and the UK, the partnership with Casi will allow us to enrich Hyundai customers’ journeys in the new markets that the service will be rolled out to in coming months,”
Sophieke Verhoeven

Sophieke Verhoeven

CEO of Stellantis Financial Services Nederland
“Together with Casi, as our tech and know-how provider, Stellantis has created a delightful end-user car subscription experience that modern customers are seeking. By implementing car subscription, we are future-proofing our business.”
Izida Gerkena

Izida Gerkena

COO of Møller Auto Baltics
“We wanted to offer car subscription to attract a new customer segment, implement digital distribution, and offer flexible ownership. Casi's software enables us to configure our brand how we want and enables us to digitally manage our fleet, tasks, subscriptions, and overall business in an easy way.”