Stellantis Financial Services launches service in record time

Stellantis is leading the Dutch market with Drivenjoy
January 18, 2023
Jordan Symonds

Casi's customer, Stellantis Financial Services, is a joint venture between Stellantis, Banque PSA Finance, and Santander. They also partner with the Dutch dealership chain, Nefkens, to handle vehicle preparation, delivery, and return operations.

Stellantis Financial Services was driven to enter the car subscription segment to contribute to the future evolution of the automotive industry and connect with new customer segments.

They chose the Casi crew to help them efficiently launch a car subscription service that people would love, and that would introduce new revenue streams for Stellantis. The result of this powerful partnership? Drivenjoy! The most enjoyable way to drive a car. The service was launched in the Netherlands in under three months.

Watch the video below to hear from the Drivenjoy team and learn about their car subscription service, their experience launching a new revenue stream, and their future goals!

Casi is proud to team up with Stellantis, one of the world’s largest OEMs, to launch Drivenjoy.

“As a team, we worked very well together with Sophieke, Thara, Monica and the PSA Finance team who were able to match Casi’s agile mentality,” Ane Furu, Casi COO.

Ane and her team are responsible for the success of Casi’s white-label customers. In the beginning phases of launching a car subscription service, Ane establishes a framework for which technical solutions Casi will provide and creates a team rig to ensure the collaboration goes smoothly.

Casi provides Car subscription as a Service which means we offer everything from A-Z in order to launch and scale a service. Ready for the extensive list of deliverables the Casi crew provided to bring Drivenjoy into the world?

Here we go:

  1. The Drivenjoy brand - Our designers and brand strategists create a new brand for the service, including all design assets and brand strategy. By creating a new brand, PSA Finance is able to clearly communicate their new product to their customer segment and differentiate themselves from the competition.
  2. Custom e-commerce platform - The Casi crew then creates the webshop, enabling digital direct distribution and a fully digital onboarding process for customers.
  3. Digital onboarding - Casi enables a quick and easy digital onboarding process with a high degree of flexibility, meaning Drivenjoy could choose from various solutions to include like customer identification, automatic credit check, payment gateways, e-signing, and insurance options.
  4. Car subscription management system - We call this system Command Center as it’s the central hub for the Drivenjoy team to manage their fleet, customer subscriptions, and have in-depth data insight into business analytics such as fleet and service financials. Think of the Command Center as a Magic 8 ball guiding the service to profitability.
  5. Business services - Casi’s Business Services offering is an a la carte menu of services and eco-system partnerships, enabling a smooth end-customer experience and opportunity for additional revenue streams. The Drivenjoy team depends on us for strategy and growth, analytics, digital marketing, content production, eco-system and value add-services.

In order to scale the Drivenjoy service, Casi provides boots on the ground to make it happen. Introducing Bas Bisschop, Head of Benelux & DACH for Casi, who works side-by-side the Drivenjoy team to ensure customer satisfaction and profitable scaling. Hear from Bas himself about how he works with Drivenjoy!

“Working closely with the PSA Finance team allowed us to launch Drivenjoy very quickly. We started by entering the market with a small fleet to test demand. The demand is definitely there, almost all of our cars are on the road. We are expanding the fleet, my main focus now is  enabling them to scale in a profitable manner.”

Bas, Ane and the entire Casi crew are determined to enable Stellantis to be a leader in the car subscription segment. Launching Drivenjoy has allowed Stellantis to gain valuable insight into the car subscription segment and to introduce a new revenue stream that complements their existing portfolio.

Car subscription is growing faster than predicted - maybe due to industry leaders like Stellantis investing in the market - and now Drivenjoy is positioned as a leader in the Dutch market, focusing on delivering exceptional customer experience and the most flexible way to have a car.

To subscribe to a fresh car or to learn more about Drivenjoy, check out!

Jordan Symonds
Jordan Symonds
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