CUPRA chooses Casi as subscription platform

The OEM and tech provider launch the subscription service CUPRA Frii in Norway
October 18, 2022
Jordan Symonds

The Born electric car model has aroused excitement among both customers and journalists after its launch in Norway. CUPRA Born is now available through the flexible car subscription Frii. Casi provides the technology.

"CUPRA Born is a model that appeals to a young target group, a target group that also appreciates the flexibility of a subscription versus owning a car. Offering car subscription gives CUPRA an opportunity to get even closer to its target groups," says Casi's COO, Ane Furu.

Director of CUPRA Norway in Harald A. Møller AS, Ole Kristian Ågotnes, says it is natural for the brand to facilitate different ways of owning a CUPRA, consequently also through subscriptions. At the same time, it is natural for CUPRA to explore collaboration with other players in and around the industry. CUPRA Frii is a collaborative project between CUPRA Norge, Casi, and Volkswagen Møller Bilfinans.

The monthly price of the CUPRA Frii is NOK 7,390.

Initially, the car subscription will be launched for customers in the Oslo region. The cars are ordered online via Through the websites, customers can see an overview of available Frii cars, and choose the start date for the subscription period themselves. Frii customers have the opportunity to return the cars whenever they wish during the subscription period.

When customers return the cars, they are made available to new customers. Customers who wish to take out a Frii agreement can then put themselves on a waiting list during times when there are no Frii cars available.

In the first instance, there is a well-equipped Born variant that will be available in the Frii agreement. The agreement includes service, insurance, and tire hotel.

We see an increasing demand for car subscriptions in meeting with our customers. Together with Casi, we now offer a solution that we believe will be attractive to more and more people, says Ole Kristian Ågotnes, Director of CUPRA Norway at Harald A. Møller AS.

He adds:

Many people find that the need for a car changes over time, and Frii is a product that we believe can appeal to those who do not want to make a long-term commitment. Frii customers are freer than traditional car customers. It suits our target group, which is somewhat younger than the target groups of the more established brands

Ane Furu adds:

Interest in car subscription solutions is great among the major players. Recently, AutoScout24 launched a new marketplace for car subscriptions in Germany with Casi's technology. In Germany, it is estimated that there are over a hundred thousand cars on subscription. The same service is already in place in the Netherlands, says Furu.

Casi's CTO, Jørgen Landsnes, is satisfied with the collaboration with CUPRA and that Casi's agile working methodology has enabled rapid development of the solution together:

‍"Casi delivers a complete car subscription solution to the supplier, which can easily be adapted to the wishes of the individual supplier. Casi's service provides, among other things, full control over the car fleet, data-driven fleet optimization, and other smart solutions that make the solutions scalable and profitable. Casi's solution also provides valuable insight into the customer base, and can easily be adjusted according to the terms and conditions the provider wants in its value proposition," concludes Landsnes.

Jordan Symonds
Jordan Symonds
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