one-stop-shop: launch and scale Flexible fleet Services

We build your e-commerce platform to ATTRACT YOUR DESIRED CUSTOMERS.

No matter where in the world you operate, our tech empowers you to offer flexible ownership models to consumers, businesses, or employees. You decide!


Choose from a selection of website templates designed to drive sales. Our design experts will make the site shine by implementing your brand guidelines and reflecting your business the way you want!

• Your logo!

• Your colors!

• Your typography!

• Your photos!

• Your icons!

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Choose your preferred template for visualizing your products. Select which product details and specifications your customers should see to help them book the right vehicle for them.

1. Show marketing sticker

2. Show product sticker

3. Show departments

4. Show production year

5. Show specs

6. Show color

7. Show availability

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Display your preferred offers, including subscription duration, mileage, insurance, and other perks like equipment. Whether you’re selling to consumers, businesses, or employees, your customers will value the flexibility and customization that this business model enables!

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Talk with an expert to learn about flexible fleet services!

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We give your team all the tools needed to run a profitable service.

Fleet, task, and subscription management tools

Easy-to-use management tools that make day-to-day task management and customer service a smooth operation. With Casi, service managers can digitize and automate their tasks, cutting operational costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Payment & billing management

Automate the payment process, reduce manual work, minimize payment-related errors, and provide a seamless experience for subscribers while maintaining security and compliance with financial regulations.

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Analytics & Reporting

Make data-driven decisions based on insight into customer behavior, bookings, and fleet performance. Our tools enable you to increase utilization and chargeability to maximize profitability ultimately.

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Talk with an expert to learn about flexible fleet services!

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Meet the team!

We affectionately refer to our team as “the Casi crew,”' a group composed of seasoned mobility experts, tech wizzes, digital gurus, and entrepreneurs. These individuals possess a wealth of experience and expertise across various domains, making them a formidable force backing you and your business.
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