Key features of the casi toolkit  

White-label e-commerce platform

Casi will build your webshop to drive sales, enable direct distribution, and offer a smooth customer experience! We customize your webshop and product offerings to meet your business needs and ensure your customers can access the best way to have a vehicle!

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Payment & billing management

Automate the payment process, reduce manual work, minimize payment-related errors, and provide a seamless experience for subscribers while maintaining security and compliance with financial regulations.

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Fleet, task, and subscription management tools

Easy-to-use management tools that make day-to-day task management and customer service a smooth operation. With Casi, service managers can digitize and automate their tasks, cutting operational costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Analytics & Reporting

Make data-driven decisions based on insight into customer behavior, bookings, and fleet performance. Our tools enable you to increase utilization and chargeability to maximize profitability ultimately.

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See our tools in action and learn more about the value they add!


Meet the team!

We affectionately refer to our team as “the Casi crew,”' a group composed of seasoned mobility experts, tech wizzes, digital gurus, and entrepreneurs. These individuals possess a wealth of experience and expertise across various domains, making them a formidable force backing you and your business.
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