Introduce Felxible Fleet Concepts

Outsource tech development, attract new customers, and boost profitability, even during low seasons, with recurring revenue and bundled services.

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Car subscriptions enable rental companies to optimize vehicle utilization by providing a continuous revenue stream for vehicles that may not be in high demand for short-term rentals. Rental players can combat seasonal churn and low-demand periods by offering customers subscriptions, contributing to financial stability and predictable revenue streams.   

Casi is an all-in-one mobility platform that integrates seamlessly into your existing tech stack. Casi offers easy-to-use management tools that make day-to-day task management and customer service a smooth operation. With Casi tools, fleet managers can digitize and automate their tasks, cutting operational costs and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Offer flexible fleet concepts today!

Implement new revenue streams
Strategically remarket cars
Generate Recurring Revenue
Attract new customers
Own your data, customer relationships, and revenue!


We build your on-brand website
Fleet, task, And subscription management tools
Payment and Billing management tools
Analytics and Reporting tools
Collaborate with a hard-working team of flexible fleet experts!

Why offer FLEXIBLE FLEET Services?

The global flexible fleet market is expected to grow from US$2.78bn in 2022 to US$38.4bn by 2031. Business models like subscription, flexible leasing, mid-term rental, or flexible employee cars will be a pillar of how people access vehicles.
Promote EV adoption
Offer digital mobility experiences
Bundle services
Offer flexibility and unique value propositions


Built for Flexibility, based on experience.
Casi has years of experience launching and scaling flexible fleet services.
Built for scale; whether you have 50 or 50,000 vehicles in your fleet, Casi enables you run a profitable business.
Our tech is country-agnostic, and Casi has a proven country-jumping strategy that makes scaling efficient.
Data-driven platform promoting good decision making.
We have a history of fast time to market and will be the agile engine to your business.
Always an option to customize the technology to meet your unique business needs.
We have the roadmap! Meet with an expert to learn how flexible services can become a growth engine for your business!
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CASI Customers

We enable the following businesses to launch and scale their own on-brand flexible fleet service.


Casi delivers a comprehensive, flexible fleet platform tailored for leading OEMs worldwide. Introduce innovative revenue streams and offer an unparalleled customer-centric approach to car ownership.

Leasing & Captives

Leverage the full potential of your fleet through our flexible platform. Automate operations and elevate customer satisfaction with our all-in-one, data-driven solutions.

Dealerships & Importers 

Future-proof your dealership by utilizing our platform to introduce digital sales and offer a flexible, customer-centric service.  Drive sales growth, loyalty, and recurring revenue!