Toyota chooses Casi as car subscription tech provider

KINTO Flex to run on Casi
November 20, 2019
Jordan Symonds

OSLO - November 20th, 2019 - Toyota Lexsus has chosen Casi as their car subscription tech provider for their service in Norway. The car subscription service from Toyota is called KINTO Flex. KINTO Flex is part of a new global mobility concept. KINTO Flex is a seamless and smart car subscription. Easy to use and good for the environment. The service offers a broad range of Toyota and Lexus hybrid cars.

About Casi

Casi’s car subscription tech platform is the result of the company’s own lived experiences. In August 2018, the company launched its own car subscription service in Norway as a collaborative project between the car division in Frydenbø Group – Frydenbø Bil AS and NEW & Company AS.

The first cooperation project focusing on establishing ‘Mobility as a Service,’ has resulted in Casi’s platform becoming the preferred technology for enabling world-leading automotive players to establish car subscription services. Through Casi’s experience, they’ve learned how to establish an ideal customer journey that meets changing demands and capitalizes on emerging business opportunities within mobility. Casi’s platform is trusted by over 50 of the world’s leading automotive players.

Casi’s technology contains all the tools needed to manage the entire lifecycle of a car running on a subscription. This includes all back-end systems needed to track and oversee fleet status, maintenance, and digital direct distribution. The platform seamlessly integrates with existing tech landscapes, including ID solutions, ERP systems, and CRMs. On the customer-facing end, the platform includes automated integrations for a smooth customer experience, such as payments, credit checks, subscription management, and customer service.

Jordan Symonds
Jordan Symonds
Head of Communication
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