Insights from industry leaders from Ayvens, JLR, and Hyundai at the London mobility event.
June 28, 2024
Jordan Symonds

MOVE 2024 was eventful, and we got it all on camera! In this episode of Join the ride!, Jordan Symonds learns how Ayvens profitably scales its services throughout Europe on such a massive scale, how Pivotal - Subscription by JLR combines a smooth digital process with a luxury human touch, and how Hyundai Motor Europe empowers its organization to innovate the mobility segment.

Tune in to see event highlights and thanks to the stars of the show:

1. John Saffrett, Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Ayvens, which operates a fleet of 3.5 million cars and annually buys 6-7% of new cars in Europe. John shares insights into what is required to scale profitably and other tips for growing subscription businesses.

2. John Murphy, Managing Director of Pivotal - Subscription, Jaguar Land Rover, shares how they offer customers a smooth digital product while delivering a luxury, personal, human-touch experience throughout the journey.

3. Florian Schwendner, Head of Strategy at Hyundai Connected Mobility, talks about how OEMs can overcome organizational challenges and empower their teams to pioneer mobility innovation.

You'll also see a snippet of Hans Kristian Aas, Casi's CEO and co-founder, talking on a panel with our customer, Liran Golan, from Hyundai Connected Mobility. During the panel, Hans Kristian shares live use cases of how Casi uses AI to better our customers' services, for example, damage or fraud detection and automating marketing to increase conversion.

So, without further ado, buckle up, and Join the ride!

Jordan Symonds
Jordan Symonds
Head of Communication
Jordan works to build the Casi community by telling stories about our customers, employees, experiences, and insights we’ve gained over the years in automotive!