Meet customer demand with flexible fleet concepts

Subscription, flexible leasing, mid-term rental, or flexible company car concepts are here to stay.
September 19, 2022
Jordan Symonds

The automotive industry is changing, and flexible fleet concepts are leading the way for how automotive brands are connecting with customers. Flexible fleet concepts like subscription, flexible leasing, mid-term rental, and releasing or remarketing of leasing returns are the future of mobility services. These concepts bring you closer to your end customer through digital direct distribution, allowing you to own your data, your customer journey, and, ultimately, your revenue.

These concepts present the opportunity to bundle services, delivering a delightful experience for the end-user and introducing new revenue streams for providers.

Getting started is easy with Casi. Our complete flexible fleet concepts platform enables businesses to launch and scale their service based on their own ambitions and existing business models.

Our combination of a leading tech platform and years of hands-on experience from running car subscription services in multiple markets is a kick-ass combination that makes Casi a great partner to have. We align incentives with our customers and work to bring the best out of each partnership.

Let’s collaborate to create better industry solutions and facilitate new ecosystem partnerships!

Jordan Symonds
Jordan Symonds
Head of Communication
Jordan works to build the Casi community by telling stories about our customers, employees, experiences, and insights we’ve gained over the years in automotive!