First fully EV subscription service in The Netherlands

The subscription conditions are super flexible and stress-free for the consumer. Everything is included, except charging.
April 7, 2022
Jordan Symonds offers its customers a wide range of electric vehicles in terms of brands and models. Everything revolves around service and flexibility. The subscription can be canceled at any time after the first three-month period. Long-term contracts, as is common standard with private leases, are not an issue.

Freedom equals happiness. ‍ is responding to the trend “from ownership to usership” and consciously opts for a fleet consisting of 100% electric cars. The company wants to contribute to an accelerated electrification of the Dutch vehicle fleet.

Concept from Norway

imove has been successful in Norway for over three years. Sweden was added last year. The joint fleet consists of more than 1500 cars. Now the company is unfolding its concept in the Netherlands. Country Manager Bas Bisschop, former Investment Manager at Achmea Innovation Fund, aims for 500 active subscribers by the end of this year.

“We want to make the Netherlands better acquainted with the comfort of the new way of driving. Our (ecosystem) partners play an important role in this. For example, Polestar and Terberg Leasing ensured that we could get off to a flying start by delivering cars. And AutoScout24's new car subscription marketplace allows us to reach as many potential customers as possible. We are continuously looking for suitable partners with whom we can expand and perfect our proposition. We are committed to providing our subscribers with a seamless and worry-free driving experience.”

Our value proposition: A plethora of choice


Everything is included for a fixed fee per month without a BKR registration.

Roadside support

You will drive amazing cars. But if something happens, nevertheless, we will help you along.

Freedom equals happiness

The commitment for a subscription is 3 months, after which you can swap or cancel it anytime.

  • 100% electric
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Low barrier

Reducing CO2 emissions is an important goal of Hans Kristian Aas, the Norwegian co-founder of With flexible conditions, he wants to facilitate the switch from petrol and diesel cars to EVs.

“Buying or leasing an electric car is a big step for many. Too big a step. We are lowering the barriers so that more people start driving electrically and the transition is realized faster. We are committed to a healthy living environment," says Hans Kristian.

The future of car subscription

Car subscriptions are rapidly gaining ground. Leading consultancy firms such as McKinsey and Accenture estimate that car subscriptions will account for about 20 to 25% of all newly registered cars by 2025.Bas Bisschop saw various mobility trends emerge from previous roles in Venture Capital. They come together at In addition to the transition from ownership to usership and the transition to electrification, the company is responding to convenience with all-inclusive subscriptions.

“It becomes illogical to own another car. A car does not appreciate in value, but depreciates. Why would you want to own that, with all the associated costs, risks and stress? With imove you can choose from the best electric cars and you can switch cars if you want to try something different or, for example, if another car better suits your needs.”

Bas and his team operate from Amsterdam and serve all of the Netherlands. 100 electric, 0% stress believes that everyone should be able to drive stress-free in a clean, liveable world. That is why imove takes care of the tire changes, insurance, servicing, road tax, and other cost that normally come with car ownership. Subscribers are also allowed to switch cars if a different sized car better suits their needs. They can drive as often and as far as they want. The subscription offers unlimited mileage. All of this for a fixed monthly price, without BKR registration.

"Just as Spotify has revolutionized the music industry and Netflix the film industry, car subscriptions will revolutionize the car industry. Due to the flexibility, comfort, simplicity, and low barrier to entry, private car ownership is becoming less and less attractive", concludes Bas Bisschop, Country Manager of imove.
Jordan Symonds
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