European OEM Innovative Tech Product of the Year award

Casi wins European OEM Innovative Tech Product of the Year award
November 16, 2023
Jordan Symonds

Casi wins European OEM Innovative Tech Product of the Year award together with their customer Stellantis Financial Services for their Drivenjoy car subscription service in the Netherlands. Drivenjoy is leading the Dutch car subscription market and has hundreds of vehicles being offered on subscription, powered by Casi technology.

Launching Drivenjoy has allowed Stellantis to gain valuable insight into the car subscription segment and to introduce a new revenue stream that complements their existing portfolio. Car subscription is growing faster than predicted - maybe due to industry leaders like Stellantis investing in the market - and now Drivenjoy is positioned as a leader in the Dutch market, focusing on delivering exceptional customer experience and the most flexible way to have a car.

Casi enabled Stellantis to launch a car subscription service that people love efficiently. Casi's industry-leading tech platform contains all the tools needed to track and manage the entire lifecycle of a Stellantis car running on subscription. This includes all back-end systems needed to track and manage fleet status, maintenance, and digital direct distribution sales through the Drivenjoy webshop. The white-label platform seamlessly integrates with Stelantis's existing tech landscape, including ID solutions, ERP systems, and CRM systems.

On the customer-facing end, the new partnership includes highly automated integrations critical for a smooth experience, such as payments, credit checks, subscription management and customer service.

The awards ceremony was held during the AutoTech Europe event in Berlin on November 15th and 16th. AutoTech: Europe is an event focused on bringing decision-makers in the auto industry together to collaborate and find new business models to stay competitive. The event explores various topics such as software-defined vehicles, consumer-focused revenue streams, connectivity, electrification, sustainability, user experience, AI, and mobility-as-a-service.

Casi's Head of Communication, Jordan Symonds, was one of three women shortlisted for the European Inspirational Woman of the Year award. Jordan is a spokesperson for the brand. She hosts Casi’s Mobility show, Join the ride!, where she travels around Europe interviewing automotive experts who share their insights and experience from the evolving mobility segment. She interviewed leaders from SIXT, carwow, Porsche MHP, J.P. Morgan, HiPhi, Dribe, Schibsted and more. She's the former Head of Creative and Partner at a marketing agency based in Oslo, Norway.

She’s also recognized as one of Norway's Aspiring Women by the leading news outlet, DN. She has a BA in Communication & Media Studies from Florida Institute of Technology and an MA in Design & Visual Communications.

Casi's Head of Communication, Jordan Symonds, shortlisted by AutoTech.
Jordan Symonds
Jordan Symonds
Head of Communication
Jordan works to build the Casi community by telling stories about our customers, employees, experiences, and insights we’ve gained over the years in automotive!