Digital sales for your modern customers

Casi's white-label e-commerce platform drives your sales
August 12, 2022
Jordan Symonds

With digital multi-channel distribution through your own e-commerce website, you will increase customer acquisition efficiency and expand your customer groups. Efficient customer acquisition is essential to seal modern-day customers. Casi provides digital multi-channel distribution and onboarding processes through your own customizable website, and car subscription marketplaces in collaboration with our partner AutoScout24 in Central Europe.

An increasing number of cars are being sold digitally, and many innovative OEMs are moving to a direct distribution sales model. With Casi’s brand-agnostic distribution platform, you can efficiently sell car subscriptions and seamlessly onboard your customers.

We enable a quick and easy digital onboarding process with a high degree of flexibility, meaning you can choose various solutions to include like:

  • Customer identification
  • Automatic credit check
  • Payment gateways
  • And more!

Casi’s digital multi-distribution is trusted by leading automotive players like Stellantis, Toyota Lexus, Cupra and non-traditional innovators like insurance or energy providers.

Whether you’re an OEM, Dealership, Rental, or Leasing company, Casi can enable you to reach your customers and get more happy drivers on the road!

Jordan Symonds
Jordan Symonds
Head of Communication
Jordan works to build the Casi community by telling stories about our customers, employees, experiences, and insights we’ve gained over the years in automotive!