Casi wins Subscription Transformer award

Celebrating Innovation: Announcing the Winners of the Beelievers Awards- London Edition
April 19, 2024
Jordan Symonds

Chargebee’s London-based user conference, beelieve, hummed with excitement as it united trailblazers and innovators from the subscription and revenue growth sector. A standout moment was the “beelievers” awards, honoring visionary leaders and organizations shaping the subscription landscape’s future. Let’s explore the winners in each category, highlighting their exceptional contributions to efficiency, transformation, retention, revenue growth, and leadership.

Subscription Transformer: Casi

Casi was recognized with the Subscription Transformer award for its instrumental role in revolutionizing Hyundai’s Mocean Subscription service, a role model of sustainable and adaptable mobility throughout Europe. With strategic intelligence and an innovative partnership, Casi and Hyundai have extended the reach of Mocean’s subscription-based model, predominantly in the UK and Spain, now setting their sights on broader European horizons. Through Casi’s advanced platform technology, customers enjoy a fully digital, frictionless registration and management process, underscored by Hyundai’s commitment to customer-centric service and sustainable practices. This award acknowledges Casi’s significant impact in reshaping the automotive subscription landscape, complemented by Chargebee’s integration for efficient billing and revenue management, further enabling Hyundai’s vision of flexible, future-forward, and eco-conscious mobility.

Efficiency at Scale: Brevo

Brevo was recognized with an Efficiency at Scale award for its outstanding achievements in scaling operations sustainably while maintaining profitability. With its Marketing platform, Brevo, formerly Sendinblue, already enables 500K+ business users across 180 countries to build brilliant customer relationships across email, SMS, chat, and more. To continue its growth and reach 1 billion ARR by 2030, the company’s financial team strategically set KPIs and balanced CAC, Payback, and LTV metrics. Facing challenges with its legacy billing system, particularly as it expanded internationally and acquired new markets, Brevo sought a scalable solution and found it in Chargebee. Chargebee’s comprehensive and innovative capabilities such as multi-business-entity streamlined subscription management across diverse markets, currencies, and languages, reducing work redundancies and providing better visibility for the global financial team. With Chargebee’s implementation, Brevo experienced significant efficiency gains, improved customer satisfaction, and established a more systematic approach to business operations, making it a deserving recipient of the Efficiency at Scale award.

Retention Champion: Pret a Manger

Pret A Manger was honored with the Retention Champion Award for its innovative approach to subscription management and notable revenue growth, spearheaded by Anne-Sophie de Weck, Global Director of Digital. In addressing the challenge of integrating a subscription model into their traditional coffee retail experience, Pret launched the Pret Coffee Subscription service, offering customers up to five barista-made drinks daily for a fixed monthly fee. Using an agile development strategy and customer-centric focus, Pret ensured rapid adoption and sustained engagement through continuous feature updates and a seamless in-store experience supported by contactless hardware scanners. The initiative’s success is evidenced by impressive customer acquisition and retention metrics, 20 percent revenue growth, and rapid international expansion. Combining the power of personalized retention and effective targeting, Pret redirected over 44% of users who initiated the cancellation process, a striking threefold increase compared to industry norms. This, in turn, resulted in an increased Customer Lifetime Value.

This strategic transformation highlights Pret’s ability to adapt to market dynamics and enhance customer value, making it deserving of the Retention Champion Award.

Revenue Growth Catalyst: Andre Klan, Xentral

Andre Klan, the visionary Head of Finance & Accounting at Xentral, was recognized with the Revenue Growth Catalyst Award for his instrumental role in revolutionizing the company’s payment systems and significantly driving revenue growth. His leadership was a driving force behind Xentral’s strategic migration to online payment methods, which resulted in an extraordinary 80% reduction in outstanding receivables and placed 90% of customer subscriptions on auto-pilot. This dramatic improvement in cash flow and financial stability underscores Klan’s commitment to efficiency, making him a deserving recipient of such a prestigious accolade. Under his guidance, the finance team soared to new heights in operational excellence, proving their strategic worth in Xentral’s growth trajectory without inflating the team, even as they processed 50% more revenue than the previous year.

Finance Leader Award: Martin Konop, Phrase

Martin Konop, CFO of Phrase, a global leader in translation technology, was recognized as a financial visionary in the SaaS industry due to his pivotal role in supercharging operational efficiency and driving formidable business growth. Having joined Phrase during a critical transitional period, Konop established a solid foundation by implementing a comprehensive billing system that caters to the nuanced dynamics of recurring subscription models. Leveraging Chargebee’s platform, he significantly reduced the need for in-house billing solutions, allowing Phrase to reallocate resources and improve cost efficiency. Under Konop’s financial stewardship, Phrase has more than quadrupled its revenue and maintained an impressive Net Retention Rate, demonstrating his remarkable impact on the company’s trajectory. His strategic foresight in integrating Chargebee within Phrase’s tech stack produced an efficient and synchronized data ecosystem, yielding remarkable scalability that sustains a customer base of ~5,000 with minimal personnel. The standardized subscription management system Konop brought has been instrumental in Phrase’s ability to pass a comprehensive due diligence process to obtain bank financing and achieve impressive market-leading growth, which remains a testament to his exceptional leadership.

Founder Award (Enterprise): Flavio Pfaffhauser, Beekeeper

Flavio Pfaffhauser, Beekeeper’s Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, was honored with the prestigious Founder Award for his outstanding leadership and ground-breaking work in advancing workplace technology for frontline workers. His leadership has led Beekeeper to become a pivotal global employee platform impacting companies in over 130 countries through enhanced communication and automation for operational processes and collaboration. Flavio’s strategic innovation, notably integrating Chargebee for efficient revenue management, has significantly reduced DSO by 37.5%, increased ARR, and streamlined payment methods. His innovative attitude to experiment with Freemium models and implement a low-touch tech stack demonstrates his entrepreneurial excellence. Flavio’s co-innovation with Chargebee, particularly his involvement in product design such as the upcoming Ramp Pricing, signifies a commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of technological advancements in service of Beekeeper’s mission – to connect frontline employees and managers. His exceptional track record and dedication to efficiency, growth, and innovation exemplify the essence of the Founder Award.

Founder Award (Start up): Chris Sees, The Hoxton Mix

The Founder Award (Start Up), celebrating visionary leadership, was awarded to Chris Sees,  Co-founder of The Hoxton Mix.

The Hoxton Mix was selected for a Founder’s Award, led by Sees, for its remarkable achievements in revolutionizing the virtual office industry. Effectively addressing operational challenges by implementing Chargebee has significantly improved subscription management efficiency and reduced costs. Leveraging Chargebee’s capabilities, it has developed innovative products like Konnect and Mailbox Pro, setting new industry standards and achieving substantial market traction with impressive year-on-year growth. Its partnership with Chargebee has facilitated scalable operations, enabling the management of a growing customer base while processing significant financial transactions. With a global impact and strong financial milestones, its alignment with the values of the Chargebee Beelievers Awards exemplifies its status as a tech-led pioneer, making Sees and The Hoxton Mix an ideal recipient for the Founder Award.


Beelieve’s Beelievers Awards showcased remarkable talent, innovation, and leadership in the subscription industry. Kudos to all winners for their outstanding contributions to shaping the future of subscription and revenue growth. These visionary leaders and organizations drive the industry’s growth, inspiring others to embrace curiosity, innovation, and customer-centricity and to “beelieve” in their potential.

This content was written by Kim Courvoisier, a seasoned content leader and strategist at Chargebee with over 15 years of experience in content marketing, specializes in the SaaS B2B and B2C space. Her mission is to craft compelling, engaging, and data-driven content that fosters awareness, conversion, and retention across diverse customer segments and personas.

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